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ISC Students was founded to make US higher education more accessible to international students from around the world. We want international students to have the option to attend the best schools in the world at the cost of universities in their home countries or even at a lesser cost.
our service
ISC scholarship matching services is for EVERYONE, no matter their academic and social status; our clients range from top students to below average students. The only true requisite is to be and an International student.
our story
We started 12 years ago helping international athletes to land a college scholarship and, in the process, we found out that there was more than just athletic money within the financial packages offered to our international athletes.
We discovered that funds were coming from different university departments especially from the international admissions department and it was not exclusively for athletes, but for everybody. From that moment, ISC began a two-year research process that resulted in ISC Students “Scholarships for everyone” and we have been able to help change
the perception of International students when it comes to US education. Most international families believe that US education is just for a few rich international students because of its elevated tuition cost it, but in fact, international students can enroll at top US university at a fraction of the cost, making them in some ways more affordable than universities in their home country.
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